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Hi everyone!

As we barrel into 2015, I'm revamping the website. One of the big adds is series pages. You should see a couple right now--one for the Indigo Shadows series (my psychic series coming up soon from Fated Desires Publishing) and one for The Rending series. The Rending is going to be opened up with a soon-to-be-announced anthology, which should be releasing at the end of January. :) Check back soon to get some exclusive in-depth world content.

With that said, I'd LOVE to hear from everyone on what they'd like to see on these pages. What do you, as a reader, want in the way of extra content?

Let me know! I'd love to chat with you about it. Email me at, or find me on FB.

Have a fabulous New Year!!!!! Let's rock 2015.

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