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What Am I Working On?

Lethal Echo, Book 8 of The Arsenal series will likely be released in November 2020.

Book 4 of the Counterstrike Series. It still doesn't have a name, or a cover, but this will be Bea's and Hazard's book. 

Silent Refuge, Book 1 in a spinoff series called Refuge Ridge. Refuge Ridge will follow Tanner and his crew (who you saw in Blood Vows, Book 3 of The Arsenal series). This will be somewhat tied to The Arsenal series, so you will see some of your Arsenal favorites making cameo appearances as Tanner and his crew handle business. 

But what about the other series?

I fully intend to write the second book in the Roteran Shadows series. It's tentatively titled Queen of Shadows and will continue and conclude Snow's story. 

For those who have anxiously (and so patiently) waited for me to continue my paranormal/dystopian series (The Rending)...I will be continuing that this year. As I've mentioned in my FB Group, Cara Carnes Cohorts, this series was very dear to my heart because it was my mom's favorite world of mine. She passed shortly after book 3, Salvation, was released. At the time I chose to put it on the back burner because it was too painful to write. Enough time has passed now, though, that I truly want to continue and finalize this series.


Wait. There's a Facebook group?

There is. Cara Carnes Cohorts gets all the news first. This is the best place to stay in contact with me, ask whatever questions you may want. Join my clicking here.

Have more questions? Shoot my an email to

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